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      • Bone mineral density in women 20 years and older in 1389 Birjand 

        Type: Thesis
        Author : F. Irandoost; A. Ahrari Rudy; ایراندوست، فاطمه; احراری رودی، عذرا
        Publisher: دانشگاه علوم پزشکی بیرجند
        Abstract: Background: Osteoporosis is a common diseases withdebilitating complications that imposes a large economic burden on society and it been defined as decrease in bone mass leading to increased bone fragility and ultimately ...
        Subject(s) : Osteoprosis , Body Mass Index , In Adulthood , Birjand , پوک استخوانی , شاخص اندام های بدن , در بزرگسالی , بیرجند ,