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contributor authorNooshin PeymanEn
contributor authorElham Charoghchian KhorasaniEn
contributor authorNooshin PeymanEn
contributor authorMohammad MoghziEn
date accessioned2018-09-26T09:17:44Z
date available2018-09-26T09:17:44Z
date issued2017
identifier otherA-10-65-2
identifier uri
description abstractBackground: Students are highly tended to consume junk foods. This study aimed to predict the consumption of low-nutrient junk foods based on the constructs of the Theory of Planned Behavior among male students across Chenaran city in 2015. Methods: This descriptive-analytic study incorporated 143 eighth-grade students who were selected via simple randomization method. They completed the relevant questionnaire. The data were analyzed in SPSS (version 18) using one-way analysis of variance, regression analysis, and Pearson correlation test. Significance level was 0.05. Results: The junk foods most frequently consumed comprised of chocolate, cake, and fizzy drinks. Results indicated that subjective norms and perceived behavioral control could predict 9 percent of changes in low-nutrient junk food consumption. From among the constructs of the theory of planned behavior, attitude, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control are able to predict 16 percent of behavioral intention changes. Conclusions: Given the tendency of students towards the consumption of low-nutrient junk foods, administration of theory-based educational interventions such as the theory of planned behavior seems necessary.En
subjectHealth Education and PromotionEn
titleApplication of the Theory of Planned Behavior to predict low-nutrient junk food consumption among male studentsEn
typeJournal Paper
journal titleJournal of Health Sciences and Technology
journal issue02
journal volume01
article typeOriginal ArticleEn
journal number02
subject keywordsTheory of Planned Behavior
subject keywordsJunk food
subject keywordsStudents
author affiliationAssociate Professor, Department of Health Education & Health Promotion, Social Determinants of Health Research Center, Faculty of Health, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, IR IranEn
author fnameNooshinFa
author lnamePeymanFa
author correspondingNooshin Peyman
treeJournal of Health Sciences and Technology:;2017:;Volume ( 01 ):;issue: 02

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