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contributor authorF. Khosravi ChahakEn
contributor authorE. AllahyariEn
contributor authorM. R. MiriEn
contributor authorE. NoroziEn
date accessioned2019-11-24T09:30:06Z
date available2019-11-24T09:30:06Z
date issued2020
identifier other109890
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description abstractBackground: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/AIDS is one of the most substantial socioeconomic health issues in many countries all around the world.Objectives: This study aimed to address the factors affecting AIDS preventive behaviors in women who had addicted husbands using the health belief model (HBM) in Sarbishe and Birjand cities, Iran, in 2019.Methods: A descriptive-analytical study was conducted on 224 women who had addicted husbands. A convenience sampling method was used, and all women whose husbands were under the support of the public and private addiction treatment centers were entered into the study. Data collection tools included a questionnaire of demographic items, HBM constructs, knowledge, and AIDS preventive behaviors. The collected data were analyzed using a correlation test and a regression model. The p value was considered less than 0.05 to be significant.Results: The respondents' mean age was 37.77 ± 8.97 years. Most women (93.8%) were housekeepers, and 54% of them had self-employed husbands. Most women (61.6%) and their husbands (58.9%) had an education level of under-diploma. Based on the regression model, the most important predictors of AIDS preventive behaviors included perceived self-efficacy (B = 0.231), education level (B = 0.196), and income (B = -0.154).Conclusions: Research findings confirm the association between perceived self-efficacy, education level, income, and adopting AIDS preventive behaviors. The obtained results can be used to develop theory-based interventions to shape AIDS preventive behaviors in high-risk groups.En
subjectCommunity Andhealth EducationEn
titleCognitive Factors Affecting AIDS Preventive Behaviors in Iranian Women with Addicted SpousesEn
typeJournal Paper
journal titleModern Care Journal
journal issue4
journal volume17
article typeResearch ArticleEn
subject keywordsWomen
subject keywordsAttitude
subject keywordsHealth Behavior
subject keywords Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
author mailnoroziensiyeh@yahoo.comFa
author affiliationBirjand University of Medical Sciences. Birjand, IranEn
author correspondingE. Norozi
treeModern Care Journal:;2020:;Volume ( 17 ):;issue: 04

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