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contributor authorZ. GandomiEn
contributor authorGh. R. SharifzadehEn
contributor authorE. NoroziEn
date accessioned2021-10-01T10:19:10Z
date available2021-10-01T10:19:10Z
date issued2021
identifier other113757
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description abstractBackground: Exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) for the first six months of life is the best nutritional option for the growth and development of infants. EBF has a unique biological and emotional effect on the health of the infant and mother. Despite this, the prevalence of EBF is lower than the standard recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Objectives: The current study aimed to investigate the determinants of exclusive breastfeeding’ intention based on the Integrated Behavioral Model (IBM) in pregnant women living in Birjand. Methods: Following a descriptive-analytical design, 292 pregnant women referred to health centers of Birjand (Iran) in 2020 were recruited. Sampling was performed using the multistage cluster random technique. Data were collected using a researcher-made questionnaire based on the constructs of IBM. Analyses were conducted by SPSS-19 using Pearson correlation and regression analysis at the significance level of P < 0.05. Results: There was a significant positive correlation between EBF intention and the mean value of different constructs of IBM (P < 0.001). According to the results of regression analysis, perceived self-efficacy, experiential attitude, and injunctive norm could predict EBF intentions (R2 = 0.58). Conclusions: This study demonstrated that a considerable part of the changes relevant to EBF intention could be predicted by the constructs of the integrated behavioral model. Hence, using this model to analyze other health behaviors is a promising option.En
subjectChild And Maternity CareEn
titleDeterminants of Exclusive Breastfeeding Intention in Pregnant Women in Birjand in 2020: Application of Integrated Behavioral ModelEn
typeJournal Paper
journal titleModern Care Journal
journal issue1
journal volume18
article typeResearch ArticleEn
subject keywordsBreast Feeding
subject keywordsAttitude
subject keywordsPregnant Women
subject keywordsSelf-efficacy
subject keywordsIntention
author mailnoroziensiyeh@yahoo.comFa
author affiliationBirjand University of Medical Sciences. Birjand, IranEn
author correspondingE. Norozi
treeModern Care Journal:;2021:;Volume ( 18 ):;issue: 01

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